There is two types of skin pigmentation caused by an abnormal increase in melanin (pigment cells) due to photo aging (sun exposure). Commonly known as melasma and aged spots.

Melasma are dark spots or blotches on the face, forehead and neck. This is usually caused by sun exposure and for women, associated with hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Sun, age, or liver spots are benign flat brown spots that look like large brown freckles and a condition caused by chronic exposure to the sun rays. It occurs commonly on matured skins that have a tendency to sunburn and tan little or not at all. Our findings indicated that most men in their thirties onward, who travel back from oversea countries where the UV rays, are intense (such as Australia) and without using a sun block will suffer from pigmentation on the cheeks or forehead.


Stem Infusion with Co-Enzymes

This latest Japanese skin infusion procedure uses the osmosis technique of galvanic current. This oscillating electrical pulse created a vibration impact on the cellular wall to break open the cellular wall and allow skin rejuvenating co-enzymes and vitamins, fortified with growth factors to catalyze the effect of skin tightening and rapid skin renewal for anti aging.

Cost: $150


Using acidic extracts of various botanical products, known commonly as alpha hydroxyl acid or AHA. The acidic reaction occurs on the skin surface to allow a controlled wounding into deeper layers of the skin (dermis) so that so that new and healthier skin cells will develop.

The procedure comes in various strength to suit individual skin type and for consistent yet progressive exfoliation that reduces or eliminates post acne scars and mild accidental scars. It is also ideal for even red blemished marks left by acne pustules. It is non invasive and suitable for all skin types.

Cost: $120

FM Photon Shower™

DPL is not an ordinary IPL, but has the ability to earn the reputation of Dynamic Pulsed Light with the latest SND technology in the skincare industry. Made in korea, SND concept harnesses both the power of IPL and laser power source to generate new shape of pulses called D-Light to achieve optimal youth and clarity for the skin. Special feature: SND technology from korea that harnesses IPL safety and laser intensity for fast and effective results to eradicate acne, pigmented spots, fine hairs and rejuvenate the collagen. This is one treatment that even remove unwanted hair effectively on the skin for long term hair removal.

Cost: $120