ABDUL SAMAD BIN RAIS, Freelance Band Instructor / Conductor

Since 2005 and I have been very satisfied with their professional skincare services to maintain my skin. As a Band Instructor with students always looking at me, , looking my best is important.

LAMBERT YEO, co-founder of FISH and Co.

“Managing my business with frequent travels affects my skin due to jet lag and varying weather conditions. I am careful when I want the best for my skin and without regret, they provide great service and knowledgeable advice. Now I can focus on what I am doing best. My family members are now in their reliable hands.

HENN TAN, founder and CEO of Trek 2000 International Ltd

“Face of Man has consistently provide excellent service since my first visit in 1999. I am very satisfied with the results that make me feel good for looking good always! I will not hesitate to recommend anyone who wants reliable and good skincare.”

ALFRED GOH, inflight supervisor Singapore Airlines

“Friends keep asking how I manage to stay youthful. It is no miracle but a regular regime at Face of Man on a monthly basis. With updated advanced and reliable technologies, I still get the same compliments after 20 years with them!

BRANDON CHONG, Entertainer

(PHUA CHU BENG –winner of PCK lookalike) “As a businessman in the entertainment industry, image is paramount to my presentation on stage and to the prospective clients I meet, I will always have my face taken care by the team at FACE OF MAN because these people has made me realize the importance of looking good. FACE OF MAN is best in Singapore and some say BATAM!”

ERIC GWEE , freelance model and actor

“With modern HIGH DEFINITION TV, very actor’s fear is to have their skin scrutinized easily by viewers- even with make up! With their forthright pricing and dedicated services, I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

KAORI YAMAMOTO, regular tourists

“We must say we find FACE OF MAN salon very unique! My husband, Naoichiro likes the concept of man skincare and their kindness to let me have the treatment in the same salon. Of course, I like the treatment by the staff who are very friendly and very careful with my sensitive skin. We are first time in FACE OF MAN and we feel welcome, service good and reasonable cost. Our skin feels tighter and the fine lines reduce. His skin tags are gone and he is very happy with new face. Prices for anti aging treatment are so much cheaper than Japan.


FOM improved my hyper-sensitivity of my skin and my problem. Approachable staff make my visits more enjoyable.

IVAN LAI, manager

The skin condition was every dull and dry previously. Treatment by FOM has made my skin brighter younger and healthier.

LAN CIT KIT, graphic designer

Wow! Excellent, all the skincare therapists are indeed friendly and skillful.

STEPHEN SIEW, architect

Friendly, Sensitive, Professional


Face of Man has helped me more than expected it. It ash given me a much healthier and better looking skin enabling me to be confident.

AMAL, trainer

Greatly reduced my scars and has resulted in even and better skin tone. This helped me in my self-esteem and self-confidence.

MOHD FAIZ, designer

Face of Man has helped me improved my complexion over the years. Thank you!

ERIC ONG, accounting executive

Besides excellent service and attention from the staff, they are also very knowledgeable as well. I look fwd to my next appointment.

JASON, student

Face of Man is my first choice. I love Face of Man!

PATRICK HO, 38 years old, Property agent

Because of my extreme weight loss of almost 8kg due to sheer determination to look better, what I overlooked is that the skin needs to be tone as well. All the sagging skin from weight loss has been contoured by FACE OF MAN remarkable FMWAVE! Now, my wife commented she is envy of my new image”

ONG SOON TECK, retired accountant

FACE OF MAN consultant told me that wrinkles at 65 years old is inevitable but they can make my skin look clearer but honestly told me that my wrinkles cannot achieve much due to my age with less renewal of skin collagen. I accepted it and opt for other treatments to keep my skin looking clear and in pink of health. They recommended STEM INFUSION and remove my aged spots. One month later, my grandchildren admire my clearer skin and even my void deck associates ask what tonic I drank to make my face look well circulated. Thumbs up to FOM!

MRS LEE, 44 years old, HOUSEWIFE

“From bad experiences with other salons, we almost gave up until we spotted FACE OF MAN on GOOGLE. Our first impression was the manager’s sincere service who analyze our son’s condition. He clearly explained how we can couple his existing oral medication with their topical treatment for immediate results. After 6 weeks, my introvert son is now enjoying his good skin and has develop more confidence to go out with friends. As parents, we are happy that FACE OF MAN has changed not his skin but his social confidence as well. We know his new found look remind him of the love we have for him.”

GRACE YEO, age confidential, HOUSEWIFE

“Thank you for the photographs. Face of Man has taken years off my face! MY family and myself are blessed to be looking brighter and more radiant due your dedication and professionalism as a professional therapist. We truly appreciate the friendship, laughter and stories shared over the years.and always a great delight to meet your very cheery n well trained staff.” Having travelled, been around and treated at many facial salons, Face of Man is still the BEST hen it comes to delivery and service.”