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acne and scar treatment in Singapore

founded by twin brothers Adam Chua and Chris Chua, faceofman is the ultimate destination in masculine grooming offering bespoke facial treatments tailored to your needs.

Singapore’s first skincare centre for men in 1992, faceofman has since evolved to creating sought after treatments and an impressive skincare line that is based on advanced skincare technology and research especially for the tropics. highlights of faceofman’s signature treatments include effective acne treatment, anti-ageing facials, skin resurfacing for scar and blemish removal. here at faceofman, our team of highly experienced and certified therapists use cutting-edge technology to provide optimal skincare solutions that are proven to rejuvenate and transform your skin.

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blackheads removal treatment

almost 90% of Asian men living in the tropics have excessively oily skin and clogged pores. skin contains oil glands which produces sebum (oil) through the pores to moisturize the skin and the hair.

excess sebum causes the pore to be adhesive to minute debris on the skin surface and clogs the pores. the sebum cannot exit the pore and this pore eventually fills with dead skin cells and bacteria. if it is a small hair follicle, a layer of skin forms over the top and it may be infected by bacteria to form a pimple. when this occurs in a larger hair follicle, the protective layer of skin is not able to form and the bacteria-filled pore is exposed to air.

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ERIC GWEE , freelance model and actor

“with modern HIGH DEFINITION TV, very actor’s fear is to have their skin scrutinized easily by viewers- even with make up! With their forthright pricing and dedicated services, I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

**results vary based on the individual circumstances

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