Blackheads Extraction and Removal Treatment in Singapore


almost 90% of Asian men living in the tropics have excessively oily skin and clogged pores. skin contains oil glands which produces sebum (oil) through the pores to moisturize the skin and the hair.

excess sebum causes the pore to be adhesive to minute debris on the skin surface and clogs the pores. the sebum cannot exit the pore and this pore eventually fills with dead skin cells and bacteria. if it is a small hair follicle, a layer of skin forms over the top and it may be infected by bacteria to form a pimple. when this occurs in a larger hair follicle, the protective layer of skin is not able to form and the bacteria-filled pore is exposed to air.

the air causes oxidation and discoloration of the particles within the hair follicle and a blackhead is formed. blackheads are also known as comedones.

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purifying treatment


this popular deep cleansing procedure consists of expelling blackheads and whiteheads using fully disposable and clinically hygienic implements. complement with a UV glass rod that are charged up by an high oscillating current, it produces negative ions to create an aerobic environment in the infected pores for the purpose of eliminating bacteria to prevent pimples and acne. definitely a popular treatment with our clients who wants to maintain a clear and healthy complexion at an affordable price.

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