does having a clear skin improve job prospect

does having a clear skin improve job prospect?

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many studies have shown that people with clear skin have a better chance of getting a job during job interview. going for an interview is about presentation and not only about your resume but more importantly is how you look as presentable as possible.

if you are unkempt and have a lot of acnes all over your face, a lot of interviewers will be put off by it. and it is definitely not professional for the interviewer to judge you by your skin.

some of the beauty salon bosses whom i spoke to, said that, if they have someone just as qualified as you are, they would rather hired him or her with clear skin as their profession requires them to look good.

many bankers in singapore knew that having good skin as part of their grooming so that their customers would not judge them as unkempt even if they put on expensive clothes and accessories.

a study was conducted found that a group of interviewers are more focused on a facial blemishes and acne instead of nose, eye or mouth. other studies found that most experience managers rated interviewees with clear skin as a higher opportunity than those with acne or scars. psychologically, interviewers will be more likely to be distracted by job applicant’s blemishes and acne and would evaluate them with a lower score than the one with clear skin.

we all knew that appearance shouldn’t be the factor in the interview process but the fact is, most will prefer to employ one with better skin. it is definitely discriminating to those with acne and birthmark defects on their face in the job market.

some of these studies conducted by rice university mikki hebl and university of houston professor Juan Madera which track the interviewer’s eyes concluded that clear skin is important in an interview process.

for the past 23 years at face of man salons, we spoke to many of our male customers on the issues of good skin having a higher chance of getting the job. many agreed that having a clear skin is important in climbing the corporate ladder.

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