Face of Man



Scrub to a smoother and clearer skin! It contains micronised abradants and cleansing properties to exfoliate dead cells and remove excess oil. Ideal for clogged (comedogenic) and uneven skin.


Wash and wet both hands and do not dry it. Scoop a small portion with your last finger and gently spread onto the palms, Place both hands onto the face and gently wash in a circular motion until it lathers well. Rinse off with water and gently towel dry. Use it weekly unless otherwise prescribed.

Active Ingredients:

glycolic acid,retinyl palmitate,tocopheryl acetate,jojoba oil,essential oil,peppermint oil, carbomer 940,tea,polysorbate 80,stearic acid,paraffin wax,mineral oil,polymer bead,methylparaben,propylparaban,purified water.

Cost: $48