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Milk aggravates acne for men.

“How can such goodness in milk harm the skin! ” exclaimed a distraught mother who wanted his son to have healthy growth with good diary calcium and yet dislike our professional advice to refrain from milk with no basis.

I have met the parents and explain carefully, factually and from our studies in diet related acne ailment as well as the experience in seeing the acne progress in our clients in abstaining from diary products. We still strongly endorse that milk affects acne.Limit the intake of diary products (or cut them out altogether), especially full cream milk, butter, ice cream and yoghurt. Milk products contain iodine, which can exacerbate acne and pimples and may contain traces of hormones that affect some people.

Milk and diary allergies are common among Asian people, and such allergies may cause digestive and elimination problems. Try substituting milk with Soya bean milk and Soya bean products and you will be surprised how well your acne and pimples heal.

Soya bean is known to have a rich source of Vitamin E, which heals scars and blemishes. It can be cook with curry instead of milk or coconut milk so that cholesterol can be greatly reduced in your favorite curry. And combining with a slice of fruit  (such as honeydew, banana, strawberry etc) will create the perfect taste of “milk shake”. Added to cereal and you have a diary free cereal breakfast.

Scientific data extracted from June 2000, Singapore Farma Magazine
By Jennifer Steinmetz B App Sc (Food Tech)
Dip Herb, Nutritionist/Herbalist

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