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most scars on the face are usually caused by self infliction when attempting to squeeze an acne, resulting in skin injury. when the skin begins to heal the inflamed acne, the natural process of skin repair may be impeded by the bacteria, resulting in lesser skin resurfacing. thus, two types of scars are formed. depressed and raised scars.

depressed scars are most common in which is caused by loss of tissue (injury) at the site of acne. however, raised scars known as keloids are caused by skin injury such as vaccination or forcefully press acne. keloids are more common in men and darker skin and the reason for it is still unknown.

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skin correction system


face of man skin correction system, an electronically controlled micro needling pen that causes self induced inflammatory response that results in epidermis regeneration. the technique is almost painless. thousands of the finest micro channels are opened according to the selected speed. as a result, the skin’s own collagen and elastin production is stimulated. it also results in an increase in the selective permeability of the epidermis and thereby an increase in the ability to take up active ingredients. excellence treatment to treat scars, pigmentation, acne, wrinkles and aging skin.

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biostrata™ solution


using acidic extracts of various botanical products, known commonly as alpha hydroxyl acid or AHA. the acidic reaction occurs on the skin surface to allow a controlled wounding into deeper layers of the skin (dermis) so that so that new and healthier skin cells will develop.

the procedure comes in various strength to suit individual skin type and for consistent yet progressive exfoliation that reduces or eliminates post acne scars and mild accidental is also ideal for even red blemished marks left by acne pustules. it is non invasive and suitable for all skin types.

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a widely used procedure because of its visible results of seeing dead cells eliminated after one session. this non surgical but gentle exfoliation that uses different grade of diamond bits coarseness to remove the top area of the skin (epidermis) and progressively to deeper layers.

after a few regular sessions, you will notice a clearer, smoother and fairer complexion ( a positive indication of renewed skin). scars will appear less visible. for severe scars, microdermabrasion can combine with other skin renewal treatment such as chromolite™ skin rejuvenation, stem infusion with growth factors or radio frequency treatment.

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fm photon shower™


DPL is not an ordinary IPL, but has the ability to earn the reputation of dynamic pulsed light with the latest SND technology in the skincare industry. made in korea, SND concept harnesses both the power of IPL and laser power source to generate new shape of pulses called D-Light to achieve optimal youth and clarity for the skin. special feature: SND technology from korea that harnesses IPL safety and laser intensity for fast and effective results to eradicate acne, pigmented spots, fine hairs and rejuvenate the collagen. this is one treatment that even remove unwanted hair effectively on the skin for long term hair removal.

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