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acne facial treatment singapore

acne facial treatment

what is acne

a universal skin problem that affects sufferers’ self-esteem. acne is formed by a collection of sebum (oil), bacteria and dead cells trapped in the lining of the hair follicle (skin pore). normally the lining of the hair follicle sheds a layer of dead skin cells at regular intervals. secretions from the sebaceous gland in the skin push the dead skin cells to the surface. when excessive oil is being produced however, the dead cells will clump together, forming a block at the opening of the hair follicle. when bacteria, which naturally occurs within the hair follicle, starts to break down the material accumulated within the clogged pore, irritating fatty acids are produced. this will cause pressure to build up within the pore, and the pore will be swollen. redness and inflammation also occur in response to the infection thus causing an acne to form. if mishandled unprofessionally, it will break out of the hair follicle to infect neighboring skin.

acne scars removal treatment

most scars on the face are usually self-inflicting when attempting to squeeze an acne, resulting in skin injury. when the skin begins to heal the inflamed acne, the natural process of skin repair may be impeded by the bacteria, resulting in lesser skin resurfacing. thus, two types of scars are formed. depressed and raised scars.
depressed scars are most common in which is caused by loss of tissue (injury) at the site of acne. however, raised scars known as keloids are caused by skin injury such as vaccination or forcefully press acne. keloids are more common in men and darker skin and the reason for it is still unknown. acne facial treatment will help.

wrinkles and aging skin treatment singapore

modern science cannot stop aging but it can slow down aging making you look younger by 5-10 years. as a person ages the outer skin become thinner and less sticky. the thinner cells make the skin look thinner. the decreased stickiness of the cells decreases the effectiveness of the barrier function allowing moisture to be released instead of being kept in the skin. this causes dryness. the outer skin cells decreases by 10% per decade and they divide more slowly as we age making the skin less able to repair itself quickly.
the effects of aging on the mid layer of skin not only get thinner but also less collagen are produced, and the elastin fibers that provide elasticity wear out. these scaffolding changes caused wrinkles and sagging skin.
also, sebaceous glands get bigger but produce less sebum, and the number of sweat glands decreases. both of these cause skin dryness. in some cases of aging skin, oil glands may grow out of the skin as the skin lacks the ability to contain the oil glands due to weaker genetic pairing as we age.

blackheads extraction and removal treatment in singapore

almost 90% of asian men living in the tropics have excessively oily skin and clogged pores. skin contains oil glands which produces sebum (oil) through the pores to moisturize the skin and the hair.
excess sebum causes the pore to be adhesive to minute debris on the skin surface and clogs the pores. the sebum cannot exit the pore and this pore eventually fills with dead skin cells and bacteria. if it is a small hair follicle, a layer of skin forms over the top and it may be infected by bacteria to form a pimple. when this occurs in a larger hair follicle, the protective layer of skin is not able to form and the bacteria-filled pore is exposed to air.
the air causes oxidation and discoloration of the particles within the hair follicle and a blackhead is formed. blackheads are also known as comedones.

dark circle & eye bags removal treatment singapore

dark circles — most men are adverse to dark circles as it tends to make them look sick or perhaps even weakens their image of masculinity. unfortunately, it mainly affects men in their thirties and beyond. these conditions can be based on underlying symptoms of allergies, hay fever, acute or chronic sinusitis, fatigue or heredity (regrettably). studies have even concluded that dark circles can be attributed to skin thinning beneath the eyes, and active sportsmen who are exposed to excessive sun exposure are at the highest risk. it can also be attributed to or aggravated by lack of sleep which tires the eyes and leads to fatigue causing poor blood circulation beneath the eyes. no matter what the cause may be, you can still reduce the appearance of dark circles, and in some cases, you may be able to get rid of them altogether.

permanent hair removal treatment singapore

the growth of coarse, dark body hair in areas where fine hair is either minimal or absent is known as hirsutism. this excess hair growth is due to an imbalance of hormones in both sexes, thus contributing to an increased level of female hormones in men, and similarly, an increased level of male hormones in women. this effective treatment aims to minimise and eventually eradicate hair growth in such areas. parts of the body that prove most popular with excess hair removal are areas above the lip, on the chin, chest, abdomen, and back. although hirsutism has been found to affect more women than men, this treatment has been highly sought after by both.

skin pigmentation treatment singapore

melasma and age spots are the two most commonly known types of skin pigmentation caused by an abnormal increase in melanin (pigment cells) as a result of photo aging (sun exposure).
melasma is characterised by dark spots or blotches on the face, forehead and neck. this is usually caused by sun exposure and also associated with the hormonal changes experienced by women during pregnancy.
sun spots, age spots, or liver spots are benign flat brown spots that appear as large brown freckles on the skin and caused as a result of chronic exposure to the sun. it most commonly occurs in mature skin which has a tendency to suffer from sun damage. our findings indicated that most men in their thirties and beyond, who travel back from oversea countries where the uv rays, are intense (such as australia) and without using a sun block will suffer from pigmentation on the cheeks or forehead.

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