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dark circles — most men are adverse to dark circles as it tends to make them look sick or perhaps even weakens their image of masculinity. unfortunately, it mainly affects men in their thirties and beyond. these conditions can be based on underlying symptoms of allergies, hay fever, acute or chronic sinusitis, fatigue or heredity (regrettably). studies have even concluded that dark circles can be attributed to skin thinning beneath the eyes, and active sportsmen who are exposed to excessive sun exposure are at the highest risk. it can also be attributed to or aggravated by lack of sleep which tires the eyes and leads to fatigue causing poor blood circulation beneath the eyes. no matter what the cause may be, you can still reduce the appearance of dark circles, and in some cases, you may be able to get rid of them altogether.

eye bags — the tissues under the eye have a tense and toned membrane starting from the lower eyelid to the cheeks. when the skin ages, the facial lid muscles and skin holding the membrane sags- causing the eye’s protective fatty tissue underneath it to bulge out. this is known as eye bags (protrusion blepharochalasis). upper eye lids can also produce eye bags. this causes the drooping eye lids especially common in older men which is a result of the ageing process. ageing, fatigue, allergies, swelling, obesity and certain other medical problems such as insomnia and kidney problems are the main causes of eye bags. to reduce aggravation, avoid alcohol, smoking, stress, too much work, and ensure you get sufficient sleep. these are not necessarily the causes of the problem, but practised together with a healthy lifestyle, your eye bags will appear less visible.

dark circle & eye bags removal treatment


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for moderate to severe dark circles and eye bags, radio frequency is highly recommended as the heat built up increases blood circulation by 5 times compared to normal eye massage. it causes the collagen and elastin to rebuild, making the surrounding skin around the eyes taut which tightens the membrane holding the bags of protective fatty tissues. this will greatly reduce the eye bags puffiness and darkening of skin underneath the eyes.

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a soothing lymphatic drainage massage is administered to relive toxin build up from eye fatigue or allergies. the collagen eye cream nourishes the weak muscles that hold the membrane. the revived muscles strengthen the membrane to hold back the fatty deposits underneath the eyes. it also helps in blood circulation to relieve dark circles. a hot eye mask is applied to enhance circulation by dilating the fatigue congested blood vessels underneath the eyes and also to weigh down the bags gently.

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